QR Codes for Retail

Add Flowcode QR Codes in your retail location to increase sales and enhance your customers’ experiences.  


5 ways to use QR Codes in retail

01 Cashless Payments 

Collect payments from anywhere with a Flowcode QR code that scans directly to your venmo account.

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02 Enhanced Product Experiences

Set your Flowcode to scan to any digital experience like product details, custom content, reviews, lookbooks, and AR experiences.

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03 Create a personalized shopping experience

Want to sell the whole outfit, not just the pants? Create a Flowcode that links to your online store where customers can add all the items to their card for in-store pickup.

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04 Shoppable Advertising

Add a code to your video, print, and direct mail advertising to let customers instantly shop your online store.

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05 Custom Coupons

Add a discount QR code to your receipts to get your customers to come back time and time again!

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How to create QR Codes for your retail marketing



01 Go to Flowcode.com and sign up for your free trial. 

02 Enter where you want your QR Code to send your customers. 

03 Add your brand colors to your code design. (add your logo!)

04 Download your code and add it to your packaging design file.  

Why should I add QR Codes in my store? 

Adding QR codes throughout your retail location is a great way to build customer loyalty. Share product reviews, coupons, exclusive content, and any digital experience you can imagine! 

Where should my QR code send my scanners? 

Anywhere that can be accessed online! Share product information, reviews, coupons, exclusive content, your website, and so much more. With Flowpage, our mobile link sharing page, you can host all your links in one place so you don't have to choose. Add one QR code to your packaging and your customers can access your entire digital universe. 

How can QR codes help with my product packaging? 

QR Codes make it easier for your customers to stay connected to your products, make additional orders, and learn how to use their recent purchases. All without any effort. Instead of typing in a URL, your customers can instantly connect to your online content from your location.