Flowcode for Retail

Join the top retailers who are using Flowcode to navigate COVID, engage customers and drive more purchases 

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Engage Your Customers

Flowcode makes it easy for you to create an interactive retail experience for your customers. Place a Flowcode on promotional materials, at check out, directly on products or tags to drive direct sales, increase brand engagement and social media following, collect customer information, and share any relevant news.

Use your Flowcode to directly connect customers to:

  • Exclusive promotions
  • Social media
  • Get feedback
  • Your brand story
  • Fun content
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Share Your Brand Story

There are tons of brands to choose from when shopping retail. Flowcodes are a great and simple way for you stand out, and tell the potential customers a bit more about your story!

Including a Flowcode on your product's label is a simple and elegant way to pass along more information, without taking up too much space.

A few engaging scan destinations might be to more product information or images, links to socials, exclusive content, discounts, or even forms to enter giveaway contests!


Augment Your Design

Aside from the clear benefits of giving more information to potential customers, there is also a nice design aesthetic to using Flowcodes.

As the world shifts to a broad adoption of QR codes, let your brand stand out in a sea of black & white squares by using a custom Flowcode design.

With a free Flowcode account, you can edit the color and center image of your code. You can also change the scan destination of your code any time, making printing much easier. 

To get a more customized Flowcode, check out our Pro offering! With Pro, we will send you a hyper-custom Flowcode tailored for your needs by one of our code artists.



Connect with Flowpage

By using our free link aggregator site Flowpage, you can promote all of your content at once! Easily highlight featured products, social media profiles, any video content, and collect customer information all one seamless mobile-first landing page.

Click here to create a custom Flowpage. It takes just 60 seconds. Seriously

Is your marketing working?

Flowcode’s advanced analytics dashboard allows retail professionals to understand which code placement works best for driving scans. 

Is it with posters on the entry door, the counter, or perhaps with floor stickers? The best way to find out is to test and use our analytics to discover the scan trends

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